SmartLipo Triplex

Chicago, Illinois SmartLipo Triplex LaserBodySculpting

The treadmill is no match for SmartLipo Triplex, the latest innovation in LaserBodySculpting. SmartLipo Triplex provides maximized results for both fat removal and skin tightening. You can finally have that body you have always wanted.

How Does SmartLipo Triplex work?

This laser assisted lipolysis procedure is performed using a two millimeter cannula (or small tube) inserted into the skin. The laser fiber inside the cannula delivers energy directly to fat cells using 3 different wavelengths, causing them to rupture and drain away as liquid. The multiple wavelengths also allow for more effective tightening of your skin.

What areas of the body can be treated?

SmartLipo Triplex is ideal for areas of skin laxity, such as the neck and arms or for removal of fat from the abdomen, love handles, saddle bags, chin and neck area, or inner and outer thighs.

What are the advantages of SmartLipo Triplex over conventional liposuction procedures?

Both treatments effectively remove fat, but conventional liposuction can leave behind unsightly pockets of skin. The SmartLipo Triplex wavelengths have been shown to increase collagen and reorganize collagen fibers to tighten and improve the quality of your skin.



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